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✝Christmas Caroling at Arbor Terrace

We will be Christmas caroling at Arbor Terrace on Saturday, December 21, at 10:30 a.m. If you haven’t taken part in this event before, plan to join us. Rebecca Jefferson is joining us also and will be doing one of her sketches as she presents the Gospel message. There is ample parking at Arbor Terrace so we meet at the assisted living facility. If you have any questions, see Jenny White.

✝Christmas Program & Fellowship

Our 2019 Christmas Presentation is next Sunday There’ll be scripture readings of the story of the Nativity and singing, singing, singing! The congregation has been assigned individual reading parts that will be provided to you on Sunday, December 22, the day of the presentation.

We will have this Christmas Program in place of the Sunday morning worship service to be followed by our Christmas luncheon. If you would like to see your reading part in advance, add a song to the program for the congregation to sing, sing a solo, or have any questions about the presentation, please see Gwendolyn Corbitt or Mack Smart.

Following the Christmas Program, we’ll have our annual Christmas Fellowship. Everyone is invited to stay for a Pot Luck lunch. Check with Ann Marie McCarus if you have questions about what to bring, or let her know what you plan to bring to share

✝ From the AWAKEN Team

The A-Team meets once a month to discuss and plan for the present and future direction of Glenn Dale Baptist Church. From the beginning, the members of the A-Team have considered the church′s number one priority to be prayer. Therefore, they are asking for members and friends to pray for the following as we seek God′s face: 

1. God to reveal what He wants our church to be, and how He wants us to relate to and serve the Glenn Dale Community.

2. What do we need to do as a church and as individuals that make up the church to attract people to come and join our fellowship?

3. And what do we need to do once they come? How do we provide for their spiritual needs, and how do we train them for service?

Continue to pray for the children and faculty of Glenn Dale Elementary School. We desire to have an after school Bible Club at the school and have met with some resistance. Please pray for doors to be opened. .


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